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I cannot understand magnetic field

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    I have read quite a number of articles on the magnetic field, and I still do not understand.

    What is a magnetic field? How is it different to electric field?

    I understand that electric field is created by charged particles, but what creates magnetic field?

    Why do we even need the concept of a magnetic field? What does it do?
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    its also created by moving charged particles, namely electrons

    Are you really seriously asking that ?

    how about listing all the things a magnetic field is used for in different applications
    There's 2 sets for you to think about
    electromagnets and permanent magnets

    here's a couple to start you off

    an electric motor or generator
    an electro magnet ( has a bunch of individual uses in different products)

    you start searching and listing lots of others in this thread :)

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    Magnetic field doesn't exist. Only the electric field exists.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Why do you post such nonsense?
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    as V50 said ... Why do you post such nonsense?

    why would you make such a silly comment ?

    have you not played with 2 permanent magnets and seen how the ends can repel or attract each other
    because of the magnetic field ?

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    Both the electric and magnetic fields are just different aspects of the combined electromagnetic field. We can think of each one as a different "pure" effect that can be smoothly transformed into the other. For example, a "pure electric field" can nearly be seen as a "pure magnetic field" simply by passing by the field at extreme velocity. At a slower velocity the field would look like a mix of both an electric field and a magnetic field.
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    This is not acceptable. This thread is closed. Do not repost this topic.
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