I dont understand

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it's a hoax.
from the site:

Cells act like magnets, for they are magnets them selves. The earliest type of animals are all worm like, long and straight animals. Because a cell has North and South pole just like a magnet, it attracts to aother cell's North or South pole. With this attraction, a group of cells form into a single straight line. The earliest animals were formed that way. If magnetic energy is further applied to animal body, in the correct polarity, it will make the animal body more stronger and denser
I don't know about that? If it's true wouldn't our body be a big magnet?
Forthermore this guy compares the transistor with the magnetic fields. And this is really bs.

But hey, get a free set and then say hello to Duncan MacLeod from me...:wink:

all i need is a big sword and some neat effects where i get hit by lightning when i kill people.

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