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I got my LAPTOP!

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    I purchased my very first computer just a few days ago and now I got it today in the mail!

    For those who saw my thread last time, you knew that I was looking for a new computer. In the end, I settled for a used one.

    It's absolutely fantastic!

    Here is what I got:

    Dell Inspiron 8000

    Intel Pentium III (700mhz)
    512mb of RAM
    40GB of Hard Drive
    DVD Drive
    CD-RW Drive (Removable)
    Floppy Drive (Removable)
    15 Inch Screen
    Windows XP Profesional

    The extra stuff...

    Microsoft Wireless Mouse
    2 Batteries
    2 Adapters
    Wireless PC Card
    Slim SCSI Adapter PC Card
    Dell Carrying Case

    It's an incredible deal! I paid $300CDN (total).

    Everything looks brand new. The only evidence that it might have been used is some, but very little, wear on the keys. Everything else looks untouched. :surprised

    Yes, it's not as fast or light as I wanted, but it will do. The price for all the extra stuff alone is almost $300! Everything still has the original bag and case that it came in. In the end, I saved at least $500 going with this.

    I'm typing on it as we speak!!! :biggrin:
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    GIVE IT TO ME. :grumpy:
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    You don't want this. You want a Teddy Ruxpin!
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    Way to go JR!

    Make sure you create a rescue disk.

    My daughter's OS got hosed, and I order a rescue disk from HP - 3 weeks ago. :grumpy: I called them a little more than a week ago to follow up on the order, and they said it hadn't been shipped, but promised to take care of it - expedite the person said. I still don't have it. :grumpy: :grumpy:
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    What's a rescue disk?
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    the same thing happened to me with HP...I waited a few months and finally just ordered it again
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    Are you guys talking about the Windows XP?

    I got the CD with the key and everything. It's a legit CD.
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    You tell her! :biggrin:
  10. Nov 10, 2006 #9
    Congrats on the laptop deal! I got mine second-hand also... and have never had a problem with it, of course, it's always hit/miss with that (my previous one was hideous). Be sure to backup important stuff regularly.

    I also want Evo to program a Teddy Ruxpin to dominate all the dang Tickle-Me-Elmos...
  11. Nov 11, 2006 #10
    WTG Jason, you picked a good one, and that is just a fantastic price:bugeye:
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    Yeah, it's true. The hit-miss thing was making me nervous, especially considering it is off eBay.

    Looks brand new, works like new, and so on... no complaints here.
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