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I have an idea but, I don't know where to start

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    I have an idea that I would like to read up on but, I'm not sure what the best path would be. First, I need to determine if there is a reasonably priced and safe material that can have its color changed when exposed to a low-level magnetic field. I would prefer a material where the color change would occur relatively quickly - on the order of a second or less. I'm also open to materials that change color under other conditions such as light, heat, etc.

    I'm not sure if I should look into various chemicals, nanotechnology, or what. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be the best direction to look?
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    Mood rings, baby spoons (the ones that change color when too hot), thermochromic or photochromic ink... Look those up and see how they work.

    Sorry, that's the best I've got for ya...
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