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Homework Help: I have attached the problem.I know I need to apply the energy

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    I have attached the problem.

    I know I need to apply the energy equation:

    h_t=head due to turbine
    h_p=head due to pump
    The above 2 are 0 since there's no turbine and pump in this problem
    h_m=minor losses due to bends, valves, etc...

    So I must solve for h_t.

    This has me confused, isn't h_t=f*L*2*g/d?
    where f=friction factor (obtained from mood's chart)

    I don't understand why we are given K values if we don't use them, unless I can't apply the equation h_t=f*L*2*g/d?

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    Re: Headloss

    Headloss for pipe components: hL=k*v2/2g where v = velocity

    You need to add the headloss of the pipe components to the headloss of the pipe
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