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I have empiracle evidence for life after death.

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    - I postulate. The intersection/geometry must have .5 in it's empiracle evidence. Or 1/2. It follows action is followed by reaction.

    Now since we want empiracle evidence. There it is.

    Now I apply Christ to this rule. Not God. Christ.

    How many people are you ? 1. Christ says treat everybody like you. Like # 1.

    Christ said his father verified him. His father is .5 and Christ is .5 So both are the same.

    Newton's third law has .5 in a form of it's empiracle evidence.

    So Christ followed Newton's third law.
    Since .5 is in empiracle evidence.

    - The intersection/geometry the Government had was action, and Christ's was reaction. Reason. Given.
    - It follows that .5 = Action = Government = God the father. Reason. Christ's confession.
    - So when the Government folds Christ. He still confesses God. Reason. Christs confession.
    - There is a complementary and corresponding intersection/geometry in life. Reason.We all live and die. We all are healthy or unhealthy.
    The complementary reaction of the living is we all laugh at unhealthy or healthy things. There's variety.
    - Jesus experienced the negative complementary acute angle. Death. Reason. Given.
    - Now the death is equal with life. Reason. Complementary acute angles are equal.
    - So he just needed the right action and he would be positive or living again. Reason. Aliens. Cosmic aliens might know how to make acute angles equal under any

    circumstance or state. The negative experience would be made positive again. "Dead man walks after sleeping for 3 Jewish days."Now that's news worthy.
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    Once more, a postulate is not empirical evidence.

    Please, please, PLEASE, make it a priority to find out what the word empirical means before the next time you use it again.
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    Well now

    Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, so Jesus is east and the Father is north. And the Holy Ghost "descended like a dove" so the Holy Ghost is up. That's the three good, moral dimensions. But time, see, it comes "like a thief in the night." So time is Satan, and that's the fourth dimension.

    It's all encoded in the diagonal elements of the metric tensor:

    + + + -

    If you see an author using

    - - - +

    you know right off the bat that he is a Satanist.
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    I like your posts. They're .... silly ...
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    I posted a full statement. My statement was misunderstood. I understand the statement percieved to be different from what I posted.
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