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A I left a soda in the car and it still feels cold.

  1. May 7, 2016 #1
    After a cookout on Saturday, I left two cans of Coca-Cola in my bag. Around Monday morning which is almost two days later, when I left for school, the cans were still cold with moisture on it. The next day, I put another can of Coca-Cola in the car and only left it overnight to see what the result would be. Completely contrary to what I firmly believed it would feel like, it ended up being warm. The temperatures on the Saturday were 53 degrees. The temperature on Saturday was 58 degrees. The temperature on Sunday night and early Monday morning when the cans ended up being cold was 53 degrees. The temperature on the Monday night and early Tuesday morning where the warmer can was analyzed was 63 degrees. Can you explain why this could've happened? Two of my friends claim that their experience is valid evidence that they don't believe that this happened.
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    Simon Bridge

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    How an object feels depends on the object and on your hand.
    A cool object is just cooler than your hand.

    Try this: prepare three bowls, one with water as hot as you can stand, one with normal tap water, and one with ice water.
    Place one hand in the ice and one in the hot for a couple of minutes; then quickly shift both of them to the regular tapwater.

    Similarly, water condenses on an object if the moisture-laden air is warmer than the object.
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