I left a soda in the car and it still feels cold.

In summary, the conversation discusses the different temperatures of Coca-Cola cans left in different conditions. On Saturday, the cans were left in a bag and remained cold, while on Monday, a can left in a car overnight became warm. The temperatures on these days were 53 and 58 degrees respectively. The next day, two friends conducted an experiment with hot and cold water to explain why the cans felt different. It is concluded that the temperature of an object and the temperature of the surrounding air can affect how an object feels to the touch.
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After a cookout on Saturday, I left two cans of Coca-Cola in my bag. Around Monday morning which is almost two days later, when I left for school, the cans were still cold with moisture on it. The next day, I put another can of Coca-Cola in the car and only left it overnight to see what the result would be. Completely contrary to what I firmly believed it would feel like, it ended up being warm. The temperatures on the Saturday were 53 degrees. The temperature on Saturday was 58 degrees. The temperature on Sunday night and early Monday morning when the cans ended up being cold was 53 degrees. The temperature on the Monday night and early Tuesday morning where the warmer can was analyzed was 63 degrees. Can you explain why this could've happened? Two of my friends claim that their experience is valid evidence that they don't believe that this happened.
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How an object feels depends on the object and on your hand.
A cool object is just cooler than your hand.

Try this: prepare three bowls, one with water as hot as you can stand, one with normal tap water, and one with ice water.
Place one hand in the ice and one in the hot for a couple of minutes; then quickly shift both of them to the regular tapwater.

Similarly, water condenses on an object if the moisture-laden air is warmer than the object.
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1. Why does the soda still feel cold even though it was left in the car?

This is because the temperature inside the car is lower than the temperature outside, so the soda is able to retain its cool temperature.

2. Will the soda eventually warm up if left in the car?

Yes, eventually the soda will warm up due to conduction and convection with the surrounding air and the car's interior.

3. How long can a soda be left in a hot car before it becomes unsafe to drink?

This depends on various factors such as the outside temperature, the type of container the soda is in, and the initial temperature of the soda. Generally, if the outside temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it is recommended to not leave a soda in the car for more than an hour.

4. Will the soda lose its carbonation if left in the car?

Yes, the carbonation in the soda will eventually escape due to the increase in temperature and pressure inside the car. This can cause the soda to become flat and lose its fizz.

5. Can leaving a soda in a hot car cause any health risks?

In some cases, leaving a soda in a hot car can cause the plastic bottle to release harmful chemicals into the drink. It is always best to avoid leaving any beverages in a hot car, especially for extended periods of time.

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