I`m new.

  1. I didn't see a New Posters Intro thread so this seemed like the only forum to post this.

    Hello everybody. Glad to be here.
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  3. turbo

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    Welcome! What are your interests?
  4. lisab

    lisab 3,188
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    Hi Pangaea, welcome to PF! Hope you like it here :smile:.
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  6. I've got to be quick, before Evo gets here.


    Welcome to PF!
  7. Welcome!

    Ignore the fish beating going on above this post.
  8. Evo

    Staff: Mentor

    Ahahaha, Thanks Jack for performing the official PF Fish Slap Welcoming Ceremony!

    Welcome to the forum Pangaea!
  9. drizzle

    drizzle 478
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    Welcome Pangaea :smile:

    You're definitely gonna like it here... A lot! :biggrin:
  10. cronxeh

    cronxeh 1,202
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    Hold the phone! We need more info here.. Pangaea,a/s/l/if (s==f) height and density/major/star trek or babylon 5?
  11. dlgoff

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    Welcome to PF Pangaea. I hope you will like your time here.
  12. Danger

    Danger 9,663
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    Welcome aboard. If you have an interest in science and/or a good sense of humour, you'll like it here.
  13. Dont eat the spaghetti on Tuesdays, there is no sauce.
  14. Lisa!

    Lisa! 882
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    Welcome to PF!:smile:

    You forgot to mention that we need a picture of him/her!
  15. Thanks every buddy!

    I pretty much like all sciences & related subjects.
  16. cronxeh

    cronxeh 1,202
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    Ohh we have a segfault and a drain bamage. Hang up the phone.
  17. Borek

    Staff: Mentor

    I always thought that mere mortals are not to touch fish, that's a sisterhood privilege.
  18. Borg

    Borg 1,397
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    I thought that was Evo's new sushi shooter malfunctioning. :tongue2:
  19. That's why I had to be quick; I had to get in and get out before I got caught.
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