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I meant pounds, not newtons. Oops

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    The attempt to convert the US to the metric system failed. We know the mars polar lander had a historic failure as a result of failing to convert units. Has anyone out there had something go wrong resulting from communicating the wrong units?
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    Well, on our first date I told W that I had 7... she didn't realize until it was too late that I meant centimetres. :redface:
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    Ranger Mike

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    ifin God wanted the Metric system, He would have had only 10 Apostles
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    " The attempt to convert the US to the metric system failed."

    I'm not sure that we should say that the attempt is over yet. It is just going very, very slowly. I thought that it would happen within my life time, but now I no longer expect it to turn out that way. I still think it will happen, it just may take another 100 years or so.
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    My company still uses US completely. I had to ask why 386.086 kept popping up everywhere.
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    I wasn't involved but it was a contributing factor in the Gimli Glider incident.
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