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I I need a bit of direction...thermodynamics & kilns

  1. Dec 5, 2016 #1
    I'm trying to build a heat treating oven/kiln and I'm having a difficult time identifying equations to assist in sizing and insulation.

    I have info on sizing a heating element based on available power and I have and equation to quantify heat transfer through the walls and insulation but I'm having a hard time finding equations that i can use to estimate time to heat and object in the oven with available power and insulation.

    I need to be able to change variables (insulation, heating element, chamber size etc. ) in a equation (or equations) so i can have the best design possible before I start purchasing materials.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Welcome to the PF.:smile:

    Can you just look at the commercially-available units to get an idea of the powers, temperatures and volumes that are typical? Then just choose your design parameters based on those standard designs? Is there something special that you need from your kiln that is not available in a standard size unit?
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    I don't need anything "special" except for something affordable; commercial units are more than i can justify spending on a hobby. I have seen a recommendation of at least 5000 W per Cu Ft. I can probably just use that.

    My only other question would be:

    Will heat continue to accumulate in a given space if the heat in is greater than the heat out?

    Thanks again!
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