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I need an algorithm to best-fit a curve

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    I'm making an applet for distance runners that predicts their finish time for any distance, using recent race times for any distance. For example, a user might enter 3 recent race times which are 16:37 for a 5k (5:21 min/mile pace), 27:42 for an 8k (5:34 min/mile pace), and 35:18 for a 10k (5:41 min/mile pace), then my "finish time calculator" could predict their finish time for a race of any distance. I've found that distance vs. pace follows a logistic curve like the one pictured below.

    http://luna.cas.usf.edu/~mbrannic/files/pmet/image329.gif [Broken]

    Hence I want to predict their race finish times using a logistic function f(x) = C1(1/(1+C2e-C3x)). How do I do this, though?
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    Standard non-linear regression problem. Any statistics software (e.g. R) will let you fit the curve fairly easily.
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    I was actually gonna recreate the algorithm in Javascript since I'm putting this "finish time calculator" on a site.
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    You could try Lagrange Interpolation.
    Although it may have divergence, it will certainly pass through those points.
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