I need suggestions for a new graphics card ?

I've got four nvidia 580s runnIng in quad SLI, but they are just not cutting it for me anymore speed wise. Any suggestions? Money is not an issue.
the 580's are the best cards available on the market right now. what are you doing that quad SLI is not good enough anymore?
ugh, this must be a joke. there isn't a game out there or will be out this year that you can't run max settings. I'm running Skyrim on a GTX 560 with max settings and no problems.
well lets not judge the lad too harshly. maybe he's doing some heavy duty CAD stuff that 3d gaming cards aren't good at. lets see if we can get a few more details about whats going on.
I need suggestions for a new graphics card...?
Tom's Hardware
This is a really good source of information. Gives you a review of cards organized by price.


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Are there software developers that are willing to shoot themselves in the foot by putting out games that can't run on current high-end hardware? Seems not to be a good business model to me.
I would love to know what you are doing that 4x580s can't handle... it can't be gaming

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