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I need suggestions for a new graphics card ?

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    I've got four nvidia 580s runnIng in quad SLI, but they are just not cutting it for me anymore speed wise. Any suggestions? Money is not an issue.
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    the 580's are the best cards available on the market right now. what are you doing that quad SLI is not good enough anymore?
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    ugh, this must be a joke. there isn't a game out there or will be out this year that you can't run max settings. I'm running Skyrim on a GTX 560 with max settings and no problems.
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    well lets not judge the lad too harshly. maybe he's doing some heavy duty CAD stuff that 3d gaming cards aren't good at. lets see if we can get a few more details about whats going on.
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    If that is the case and money is not an issue then your choices are between the Quadro 6000 and Firepro 9800
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    I need suggestions for a new graphics card...?
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    Tom's Hardware
    This is a really good source of information. Gives you a review of cards organized by price.
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    Are there software developers that are willing to shoot themselves in the foot by putting out games that can't run on current high-end hardware? Seems not to be a good business model to me.
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    I would love to know what you are doing that 4x580s can't handle... it can't be gaming
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