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Homework Help: I need to interview an engineer, asking him questions about his or her career.

  1. Feb 6, 2012 #1
    About a week ago, I was given an assignment to interview an engineer, asking things such as why he started his career and what his proffesion was. However, there is a problem. I do not know any engineers, I failed to find any engineers in my family or through any of my families friends. So I am looking for an engineer who would be willing to answer some simple questions about their career.

    Name (Optional):

    What made you interested in engineering?:

    What is your educational background?:

    What kind of engineering do you do?:

    What is your design process?:

    If you wish to answer these questions, that would be great. Thanks for your time.
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    Sorry, for privacy and anti-phishing reasons, we do not allow interview threads on the PF anymore.
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