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Homework Help: Need to interview a hardware engineer!

  1. Mar 7, 2012 #1
    Hello I am a senior in high school and I am working on a research paper on hardware engineering. I need someone working or has worked in this career to answer some questions for me.

    1. How long have you been working in this career?
    2. What is your exact title?
    3. Where did you get your education? How long did you go to school?
    4. How did you get your first job?
    5. What are the greatest rewards of this job other than money/benefits?
    6. What are the biggest drawbacks of this career?
    7. If you could change your profession right now, would you? Why?
    8. What types of communication skills do you need for this job?
    9. What types of management skills do you need for this job?
    10. Describe a typical day for you?
    11. What advice could you give a newcomer to your job on the first day?
    12. What advice could you give me as I prepare to go into this profession?

    If anyone can answer these questions for me or has any information as to where I could find an interview please PM me.
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    Sorry, for privacy and anti-phishing reasons, we do not allow interview threads at the PF.
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