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I think I have an idea

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    Book and site recommendations?

    Please post links to everything you know about space travel, quantum mechanics, theoritical physics of all kinds, rocket science, classical physics, psychology, computer science, geology, chemistry, parapsychology, and marine biology. Be sure to include not only conceptual material, but also equations and data resources. Even links to other threads would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your cooperation and input!
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    Ask Jeeves. Tell him I sent you. The password is, "Lord Flasheart knows he is an ass."

    Good luck, naive entity. May other human beings be more humane than I am.
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    Please ignore Lord Flasheart's post.
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    Your idea for this post is the very basis for physicsforums. Read the other sections to learn about what interests you. So as far as a link, the best one I can supply is: www.physicsforums.com :smile:
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    I noticed you reported the responses to your post to all the mentors. First you ask us to explain all of physics to you in a couple of posts, and then you get miffed when people won't do it. It is you, not they, who are behaving badly.
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    By Jove, what's happened here?

    Esran, I was merely providing a sense of comedy and common sense. It was rude of me at the time, but I DID tell you I knew of that. I was an ass to you, but I was kidding around.

    I don't want any further conflict between myself and your own cyber-psyche.

    Now, if you really want to research the topics from quantum mechanics to marine biology, you should ask the questions one after another. It would be utterly impossible to explain all of them to you with few responses. If I may, can I call you naive again? For that is a fact, as sure as I believe in a higher being.

    Wait, I'm an atheist! Curse these fingers.

    Space travel, quantum mechanics, chemistry, biology, (para)psychology, and all the others are NOT topics that one can compress from hundreds of devoted books with millions of words into a few short paragraphs. As of yet there is no single equation that explains the universe and it's actions.

    Your best option is looking through articles and books, understanding the concepts, and questioning other experts. You're at the finish line right now: Look for papers defining the concepts you must understand.


    Have fun.
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    :surprise: Whoa! I think that I didn't communicate what I wanted correctly. I'm just looking for book recomendations and web sites relating to anything scientific or science fiction. Sorry about the confusion. This is the last time that I'll ever start a thread after one in the morning.
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    This thread on our Science Book Reviews board will get you started. There are stickies on several of our physics boards with books and websites. And here is John Baez's Frequently asked questions in physics.
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    Go to www.astronautix.com if you are interested in space travel, rocketry, space exploration, and everything else with space as the prefix.

    Go to www.nuclearspace.com (check their forums) if you hate Michio Kaku, like nuclear power, and prefer logic over nuke-phobia. I'm a member there meself.

    Ah! Almost forgot...
    Courtesy of google and the .025 seconds it took to find it.
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