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I want a webpage!

  1. Nov 20, 2003 #1
    So i decided i want to mske a webpage. And i want it to be cool... as in... all about me! But i don't wanna pay for it... So what should i do, where should i go??
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    You should create a blog. That would be a cool idea. Then the whole world will know your darkest and deepest secrets.

    Check out this site for hosting your blog:


    Or if your really brave and want to delve into the technical aspects of creating a website from the ground up, then you should create a webserver on your computer, buy a domain for about 10 bucks a years, and write all the html/css/php stuff by hand.
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    jimmy p

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    Search on google for some i suppose. Dont get side-tracked looking for more Gale17s tho!! I think that Freeservers could be one or it may be Freeserver!...hmm www.freeserver.com or try with an 's' i could be wrong tho
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    i did something like blog a while ago... i got bored with it pretty fast... maybe i'll try again though... see where it gets me....

    and yeah, i was thinking about maybe buying a domain... my dad wanted to teach me stuff... but i don't feel like doing all that right now...
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    jimmy p

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    lol i hate it when dads do that, cos they dont teach, they do it themselves, and if u get it wrong, they say the same thing again in an annoyed and louder tone. FOOLS!!!!
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    Is your dad a programmer or does he just want to learn how to use the internet. Yesh, this old folks don't get this technology.
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    i dunno what my dad is... a crummy teacher thats for sure... he does software of something for defense stuff for planes for the gov't or something... i don't really know...
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    Government work, Uh

    You should really look into designing the page with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It allows you to get layout just perfect. You could also use a PHP, CGI, or Perl to create dynamic content. You could have site that change themes with the specific day. You could also create your own forum. Lots of neat stuff that can be done on the web
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    uh well, i went to those places you two said, and i also went to one that rockazella metioned to me privately. i signed up for all three, so now i just need to see which is best...
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    gives you a free site with about 10 megs of space. Of course the how to is up to you;) Just do a google on html, and you'll find a billion sites on making a webpage- it's dummy proof these days.
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    you really want a web page

    Check out my sites and if you like what you see, I can give you a hand and perhaps link you to the folks that first helped me.




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    www.741.com has a pretty sweet deal going on.

    Not quite sure what your wanting out of your site, but this place offers a fairly decent free package, and I think the 1GB package is only 12 bucks a month.
  14. Nov 21, 2003 #13
    I just went to Angelfire.com awhile ago and registered for their free member account. It has very limited features and space, but great for simple or beginner web sites. I've already started a webpage there. I have just the beginning of the first page, but overall the page builder is pretty cool and easy to use. You can see the page if ya want, but dont laugh, its my first one.

    photon's page
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    Re: you really want a web page

    ok, this is a bad joke and really out of thread but I just had to ask: is your other name GATES??????

    Gale: a good link if you wanna know more about HTML, CSS, PHP and all the other stuff ddurado mentioned:
    Some of the web-hosting sites offer a site-builder service but what I tried was not too impressive. I think you should do it yourself from scratch.....
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    Re: Re: you really want a web page

    yeah, i used to have a cool site at someplace... it was cool... but none of these are exactly awesome... I'm thinking i may need to do one from scratch in order to do myself justice. Afterall, it must be Gale-worthy...

    or maybe i should step down as the Gale fan club pres and give the position to someone else who can do webpages...
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    You could always give the task to the power behind the throne.
  18. Nov 21, 2003 #17
    yes that's true, but I think Greg is busy with this site already....
  19. Nov 21, 2003 #18
    Or the power behind the power behind the throne.
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