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I want to ask you about exam questions about wave and light

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    I want to ask you about exams series article wave and light
    That helped me
    And if there were questions, please give me the explanatory
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    I want to help me in a study that article
    Whether you anything regarding the substance and light beams, please help me
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    Your "requests" are pretty vague.

    You should not expect a "lesson" that you can get out of a textbook or in a class from a public forum. That is just not possible.

    For the most effective use of a forum like PF, ask as specific question, and ask one at a time. If it involves a homework/schoolwork-type question, then post this in the HW/Coursework forum. If it is on a more general issue of a physics principle or idea, then describe it as clearly and as fully as you can, and include any relevant references/sources so that the rest of us might be able to double-check it.

    People will tend to try to put some effort into answering something if they see you also putting in some effort into describing the problem you're having.

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    I want you to help me in resolving these questions
    First question
    When Down stone in the basin of water eroded the bandwidth with dimension
    The Center fell in stone. What explanation
    The second question
    Sound waves move from air to water. Discussed the impact on
    The frequency and speed and Wavelength
    Question 3
    In winter, we hear voices strong voices low because of strong winds. What exactly is happening
    Help me in resolving these questions
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    It all went downhill from here. :P
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