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I want to design a project about shoes with cooling/heating system

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    Hi there! I am an engineering student and I have a project to do. It involves creating a heating/cooling system for our shoes. Well the instructoor asked us to choose a heating cool system so I chose this topic (assuming it would reach some where where I would get a patent for my hard work).
    So my design involves adding a thin layer (1cm ) under your shoe and inserting some capilaries through out the shoe's sides in order to take advantage of the capilary action of the liquid I am going to use.

    So I have a bulky system to use that is able to change the temperature of the meduim from 0.02 degrees to 100 degree according to the voltage applied and its polarity . I want the range to be between 5 degrees and 40 degrees. I do not know what is the bulky system is because did not do my lab yet but in 3 days I will tell you about it.

    So guys, what liquid should I use inorder to have a good system?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    I suggest that you do some research and reading to learn how the astronaut's space suits are heated and cooled. The information should be available online, maybe at NASA's website. They've already identified the best way to do this....
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    What kind of system are you using? If using a compressor and fan I would use freon. Might be a little bulky for your shoes....lol

    Perhaps you are just using a water pump and a radiator.....I would suggest antifreeze:)

    In other words.....what kind of system are you using!!! ?
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    ok, get a water pump, put it on a backpack full of water. attach aluminum fins to the backpack.
    run two tubes (one hot, one cold) down from the backpack into the shoe.
    the pump keeps water moving, so it pulls up hot water from your foot, into the backpack, where the heat is dissipated by the aluminum fins.
    the cooled water is then pumped through the cold tube, refreshing your feet, and increasing your carbon footprint
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    @#3 & #4. I don't get it! What is going to be generating such outrageous heat in the shoes, that needs such elegant cooling systems. :rolleyes:
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    and why use internal combustion engines to power carts, when horses work just as well?
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    I got it. How about just a real slow flow of Nitrous oxide thru the capilarries of your shoes. A small nitrous oxide bottle hooked wherever....and a temperature guage to control the flow of nitrous.

    You'll look a little silly with nitrous periodically spraying out of your shoes..... Picture running a marathon on a 90 degree hot and humid day.......hit the nitrous....boo-wah! Your feet be the coolest of the bunch....advantage team nitrous!
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    You invent one, I'll buy one, I only need the cooling!!!:rofl:

    I would be very happy if you invent a force air ventilation shoe!!
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