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Idea for a senior project related to renewable energy

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    dear members, i would like to thank the owners of this forum for giving us students the opportunity to share our ideas and thoughts about topics related to electronics.

    i would like to help me pick up few thoughts or ideas for a senior project related to renewable energy such as solar or wind power. im looking to get the first prize , so please show me the way to get a good idea to start with. thank you. kind regards.
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    Please, share your ideas with us and we can help you avoid landmines.
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    I found this, its a start

    http://www.continuo.com/sustainable%20living/windmill%2007/windmill.htm [Broken]

    I think they have forums as well should cover all your basics of a senior design project, I'm sure they already gave you the outline, something like this

    http://dijest.com/tools/pmworkbench/pmtemplates/pmoredocs/pmprocess.htm [Broken]
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    solar power seniors are not so special. i was thinking of something new and no one would think about. remember that im looking to get the first prize.
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    If you are going to *earn* first prize, perhaps it should be your idea.
    You can certainly bounce your ideas off of us and we can help you calibrate them.
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    the earth has a magnetic field, correct? perhaps several coils of wire around the earth in space would generate electricity due to the earths rotation.
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