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Ideas for circuit simulation project?

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    In school we have to make a theoretical circuit using a simulator, in our case its CircuitWizard2.

    For this project we need to think up a problem and then create a virtual circuit that solves this problem. Throughout we have to show our calculations, testing and development of ideas.

    We are encouraged not to use PICs in the circuit as these are never scored very highly.

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    So it sounds like CircuitWizard2 is a mixed-signal simulator? Do you use test benches to exercise the digital parts of the circuit? Can you post a link to more information about typical simulations that it can handle?

    Have you learned how to design CPLDs and FPGAs yet? If so, you could do a pretty good mixed signal design of some sort. Maybe like an Ethernet PHY chip, or some other communication circuit design. Or you could do an IR remote control design, maybe even both ends (TX and RX).
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    Here's a link to their website its a circuit and pcb cad program. You basically draw the circuit on screen using symbols and then you can test it and see how it "should" function in real life.


    That should give you an idea of the features it has.

    I was thinking on making a device that displayed different lights depending on the temperature at a location, then I was going to implement a sort of refresh counter that would hold the result for say 10 secs and then update it.
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