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Identifying components used in a system

  1. Oct 15, 2014 #1

    I am working on a university project looking at material deposition systems. i came across a 30 second video on Youtube and i would be really interested to know how this product is achieving the speed and precision shown in the video. If anybody has any suggestions about the technology used that would be great

    Many thanks

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    Are you aware how FDM 3d printing works?

    I'd guess it's just like that i.e. a reel of hot glue filament is pushed through a hot nozzle ('hot head').

    To improve speed and precision you increase the power and control system of both the heated nozzle and the stepper motor that pushes the filament.
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    Good thought, Billy, but it makes me wonder. I've never personally seen hot glue come out that cleanly, with no filaments dragging behind. Also, I'm pretty sure that the purpose of the thing is to leave soft glue, which hot glue would not remain. The thing reminds me for all the world of those air-powered BB machine guns in the shooting galleries at a fair. Could it just be a high-pressure reservoir of liquid glue feeding through a very fast rotary valve?
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