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Identifying the items in the pictures

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    Hi, Can anyone pls help me with identifying the items in the pictures, with the following list of options:
    A) An occupancy sensor
    B) A smoke detector
    C) A light level sensor
    D) A speaker
    E) A timer control
    F) A sprinkler head
    G) A thermal sensor
    H) An emergency light

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    Welcome to PF Nick. You need to attach the picture for us to respond. When posting pictues, click on "Go Advanced" which will take you to a message field with many functions including "Attachments" (from your computer or a URL) or "Insert Image" (from a URL like image shack, etc).

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    Thanks, Gldoff. pls. refer to the attached. One more picture to go.

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    Hi Dlgoff,
    Pls. refer to the attached for the 4th picture. Thankyou.

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