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Identifying time and/or amplitude transformations

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    So the question looks like this:
    Identify the time and/or amplitude transformations that must be applied to the signal x(t) in order to obtain each
    of the signal specified below. Choose the transformations such that time shifting precedes time scaling and
    amplitude scaling precedes amplitude shifting. Be sure to clearly indicate the order in which the transformations
    are to be applied.
    (e) y(t) = −3x(2[t −1])−1

    I've tried everything. I can't figure this out
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    Try to break it down. Which parts of your equation represent a time shift and which are an amplitude scaling?
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    I guess I know the parts that are time shift and amplitude scaling. I just don't get what the question is asking. Do i write the parts and label them? I slightly get the first part of the question. It's the "chose the transformation such that" part that's confusing me. I don't need answers or anything. I just can't figure out the question.
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