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If a 10km Asteroid Impacted the Pacific along the equator

  1. Apr 8, 2010 #1
    Say between Hawaii & French Polonesia.

    What would it look like standing on the beach in LA or Sydney? Can anyone give detailed description?

    Like would the sky out on the ocean front light up like a second sun?
    What kind of a wave? How far inland would it reach?
    Would it be followed by tremendous blast front of material rocks etc? If the material reached that far.

    In terms of material being launched into the atmosphere, would the impact be much less then if impacted on land?

    Would you feel the earth shake a bit on the far side of the planet?

    All of got to go on is Hollywood films.
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    A calculator for astoroid impact effects is here:

    http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/impacteffects/" [Broken]

    There's nothing about tidal waves. A very rough guess for the height would be

    (ocean depth) * (radius of hole in the water) / (distance from impact)

    for an asteroid wich is large enough to hit the bottom, wich a 10 km is, since it will make a large crater in the ocean bottom.

    This could be 5 km * 50 km / 5000 km = 50 m for a mid pacific strike. Tsunami's produced by earthquakes, and the tidal waves produced by the moon can become much higher when striking the coast, and I've no idea how that will work out here.
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    thanks. I simulated a rare 500km impact & seems no where on earth was safe, the whole surface was like hell.
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