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Homework Help: If a circular beam consists of two separate metals, both having

  1. Aug 20, 2009 #1
    If a circular beam consists of two separate metals, both having different inner and outer diameters, and one engulfs the other, how is the amount of twist able to be determined when the beam is connected at both ends to walls to form a composite shaft and is subjected to a torque?
    I Know that Twist=(TL)/(GJ)
    Where T = Torque
    L = Length of Shaft
    G = Modulus Of Rigidity
    and J = Resistance to Twisting

    I have values for all of these variables for both sections of the shaft, but how do I determine
    what the overall combined twist for both sections of the shaft is?
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    Ry122: What happened to that template? The PF rules state, "You must make use of the homework template. You must show you have attempted to answer your question in order to receive help." Make an attempt, then someone might check your math.
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    Re: torsion

    Its just a conceptual question regarding torsion and composites though, im not having any problems with the math hence no calculations have been given.
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