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If I only had a Brane

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    Being as it is halloween, I am indulging in a question. String theory confuses me. I don't understand it, nor do I understand how it is superior to good old fashioned GR and QT, despite their current marital difficulties.

    I have this recurring nightmare... [child] where did the universe come from? [me] the big bang. [child] where did the big bang come from? [me] strings. [child] where did strings come from? [me] branes. [child] where did branes come from? [me] it's past your bedtime.
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    Hahahaha yeah that's pretty funny... But I personally favor the two colliding branes model of the formation of our Universe over the Big Bang model as it is less messy and needs less fine tuning. It also accounts for the patterns in the thermal radiation background. But I can completely sympathize with you on that nightmare of yours... In fact, I AM the child. = ) But then again, can you not ask why the same particle appears to be in two places at the same time as in that electron beam revision of Thomas Young's double slit experiment? I think that's more confusing to explain to a child than the origin of branes. After all, even the leading brains (el oh el) of quantum mechanics cannot give a better explanation then "accept nature as she is - chaotic" and tell us not to question further.
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