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If light is a particle, what is wavelength / frequency ?

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    If light is a particle, what is "wavelength"/"frequency"?


    Is the wavelength of a particle simply the wavelength of the psi-function before measurement? Or (/and?) is it an intrinsic property that is "even there in the particle" when you measure the presence of the particle (i.e. reduction), like energy?

    Or is the nature of this question exhibiting a deeper misunderstanding of mine?

    My formal knowledge about QM doesn't extend beyond an introductory course.
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    Re: If light is a particle, what is "wavelength"/"frequency"?

    Yes. Deeper question: what's the wavelength of particle? DeBroigle wave? - that is exactly the same. EM-wave for photon? - counterparts regarding different (QM / wave optics) approaches
    Probably "and" not "or" :devil:
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