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If the energy or matter can't be created nor destroyed,does

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    If the energy or matter can't be created nor destroyed but can only be converted from one form to another, does it mean everything including us, used to be stardust or chemicals or whatever that existed right after the big bang?

    Is everything that we use now, are made from the stuff that existed in the universe, right after the big bang? not even a single new atom was created after the big bang?

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    Yes and no. The main atoms that existed after the big bang were Hydrogen and Helium. These are the primary fuel for stars. All stars use fusion as their power source and one of the byproducts is heavier atoms - atoms that have been 'fused' together to create larger atoms. Stars above a certain size (about 8 times the size of our sun) will eventually explode in a supernova which ejects large amounts of the fusion products like carbon, oxygen, iron, etc. that are part of your body (the hydrogen in your body doesn't have to come from a supernova). This process of stars creating new atoms and the massive ones exploding still continues today.
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    We are all star stuff. ;)
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