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I'm 16 and need/want a life in Physics.

  1. Aug 21, 2011 #1
    Hello everyone, I recently found this site PhysicsForums and hope I can find some help from it. I've written a 6600 word essay on everything I learn from the Universe using youtube. I did it just for my own knowledge, how and why things work the way they do. I'm in grade 11 and almost going into grade 12 and I have not had any spark with any other subject. Except my class Science 21. Learning about atoms and different types of elements, planets, stars, collinising planets and soo much more. In my spare time I write pages and pages of my thoughts and ideas on how black "holes" work and what happens in the singularity. And many more crazy theory's I have running around up there. I have never been good at math because I didn't care for life; because I was fooled into religion when I was young. Since I found science I have escaped all of that and seek the truth on why and how the universe exsists. Theoritical Physics sounds like the Job for me. I enjoy learning math and am trying to catch up on my algebra. I love the thought of writting long equations and my mission is to figure out atleast one of most asked questions.

    So the question I'm trying to ask is; To achieve my goals, what are the requirments for a Theoritcal Phyisist? - Thanks for reading you guys.
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    The physics science forum is for discussion of actual physics.
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    OK, I hate to break it to you, but watching youtube videos is not doing science. I don't want to discourage you, but rather I'm trying to set you to the right path. Stop watching youtube, and actually study things.

    Study things like calculus and physics and work through a lot of problems. That's the ONLY way you're ever going to be a scientist. It takes a lot of work, but perhaps it'll be worth it.
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    I sense a problem...
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    Avoid youtube, learn to spell properly, particularly the word 'theoretical', and become proficient at advanced mathematics.
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    Well... surely there's no reason to rush to such drastic measures. To the OP, an Open Mind, in the absence of any clear course of action always seek to learn more.
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    AOM: it is helpful to provide context when you wish to respond to someone else's post. Use the quote button at the right of that post.

    To respond to several posts, as you did above, use the Multi Quote feature. (Select Multi Quote for several threads, then select Quote on any one to start)

    As for learning, Youtube may help you get interested, but what you really want to do is pick up books and read. They'll have higher quality than Youtube.
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    Thanks mate I'm new at this I'll start using quotes. I actually was reading some of the asked questions on the forums and I saw you write something funny but I didn't know how to reply ;p Thanks for giving me some advice. Are there any books that you can recommend? - My generation uses computers and tech for there research so I havn't read a lot in my life. I'll give it ago though. I'm not sure if this is physics but I've been doing the basics of space like how planets/stars form and what elements they contain. I've moved onto Redshift and Arc secs which I'm slowly understanding, are there any good books on that?- Everything I read or learn I write in a microsoft powerpoint which I got roughly 6600 words in so far :D.
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    Ok thanks for the feedback. However youtube got me interested in physics and I'm not a mindless zombie believing everything I see and hear. There are some serious channels on youtube that make very good videos. One I use most is called SpaceRip.
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    There are others who could answer this better than I. The books I read are considered "pop-sci" in these parts. :wink:
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    Calm down a bit. One thing that you need to prepare yourself for is finding out that most of your ideas just won't work or have been thought of before.

    You need to get good at math.

    Ummmmm... No. Science doesn't answer why. It answers what and how. If you try to use science as a substitute for religion you'll find yourself sorely disappointed.

    Keep learning math since it will be useful. Get some experience as an undergraduate for what real science is like, and you'll find it to be a lot of grunt work. Don't close off your options. There are few theoretical physicists in the world in large part because most people end up disliking *doing* theoretical physics once they find out what it involves.

    There's a big difference between watching people run a marathon and doing a marathon yourself.
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    Tell me your concerns? I've only just learn't the basics of space give me a break I'm not as smart as you. I don't know what I wrote wrong in that paragraph.
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    People were concerned that you have been writing "your own ideas". You later correct this in post 8 by saying what you are writing is "what you have learned".
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    To those who say "stop watching youtube", I would DISAGREE *gasp*. Youtube has so many videos, that he can learn calculus on it (I don't like the way khan teaches).

    You said you want to learn some calculus, you should watch patrickJMT (he has helped when i needed to review something). I would suggest starting here on your calculus journey: and just learn from there.

    Good luck.
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  16. Aug 21, 2011 #15
    Thank you so much, I was agreeing with you on everything you wrote except..I think my theory's do have a chance..you have not heard them yet ^.^. Anything could be possible after all it is a phenomenon?
  17. Aug 21, 2011 #16
    Thanks mate!!
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    It's probably hard to go wrong learning calculus from an unverified source. But I'd draw the line there. The trouble is that, aside from the maths, science is a breeding ground for junk.

    An well-known example is "What the Bleep Do We Know" which looks like its all about science, but it's all junk. Youtube has a very high incidence of junk because it's a self-publish format. There's no one to vet it. Books OTOH, in general must go through an editing process by a third party.
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    Thank you I'll try and get a hold of that one aswell.
  20. Aug 21, 2011 #19
    Try to get hold of the Feynman lectures. You'll love it.
  21. Aug 21, 2011 #20
    Well, I can't argue with that. Good point.
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