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I'm looking for some direction

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    I'm looking for some sort of wireless data transfer and I need it to be very focused.

    I need something similar to a TV remote, very directional, fairly long range. I'd like it to be as precise as possible and as fast as possible. I'd also like it to be as harmless as it can be, since lasers tend to hurt/annoy people.

    Could someone tell me what it is that I am looking for? I know how to describe it but I'm not sure exactly what it's called or if it exists.

    Thanks! :biggrin:
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    I would think that a low-power IR laser would be your best bet. It wouldn't annoy anyone because it can't be seen, and it's unlikely to cause any damage unless someone deliberatedly stared straight into the beam for an extended time.
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    Try a google search on radio modem.
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    Yeah, the radio modem angle may bear fruit. Also, remember that you can get pretty directional WiFi antennas, so you could just go PC-to-PC WiFi with a couple packaged Yagi antennas with decent directional gain. You use the WiFi password/security features, obviously, to keep your data private.
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    Wow, you learn something new every day! I'd never heard of radio modems before. This is some good stuff! Thank you all for your input.
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