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IM status checker

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    I am developing Instant messaging application using java, i want to know how status checker algorithms work?.. I searched on google but i didn't get any useful link.
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    What protocol and network do you want to use?

    Maybe Trillian is a good place to start?

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    Iam using tcp/ip...
    What i was thinking about is to let the user listen in a specific port, and in order for another user to know that the first user is online, is to try to connect to him at that port if a socket is bounded then it is online if not then it is offline.
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    You will need to do something a bit more higher level.

    The application protocol for IM will use something like a protocol in TCP/IP family.

    My advice to you is to get some specific specs about a particular IM protocol and use that to do what you need to do.

    What you're doing sounds like what typical port scanners do, but actually getting decent information from a client means you will need to do something more specialized.
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