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I'm too uneducated to disprove my magnetic mechanical idea.

  1. Jun 12, 2009 #1
    If you have two overlapping circles with straight lines going out in all directions, and you go from on one line from one circle to the first point where it intersects a line from the other circle and draw a line to the next line beside it from the same circle at it's first intersection with a line from the other circle and go all the way around, and do the same with the second intersection of the original line to it's second point where it intersects a line from the other circle and connect each of the second intersections, the lines that you draw form a perfect looking magnetic field like with metal shavings on a bar magnet through a piece of glass, and do the same to the other circle of course. If the fields are rotating as they cause electrons to rotate in their presence, could this be how a magnetic field is physically formed and why like polarities repel and opposites attract, like maybe the lines could be made of some incredibly small particulate composition themselves? It seems to fit physically but I can't afford to go to college and get much real education to answer what may be a dumb question myself and I thought of it watching an oscillating fan with light coming from the right angle about six years ago and can't seem to find information disproving it. Also, has anyone wondered how a one dimensional object could act like a multiple dimensional object by spinning, like a two dimensional plane spinning on a third axis? If I'm an just idiot go ahead and tell me.
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    whoa... this really needs a picture. Without some illustrations I can't understand what you're getting at at all.
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    Go to this simulator site (you will need Java installed):
    Click on the equal unlike charges simulation, and use your pointer to drag the two charges around and watch the field lines between them move.
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    'lines' of force arent physically real. its just a math trick to help one visualize the field. iron filings just happen to form what vaguely resembles 'lines' of force. pure coincidence.
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    The spinning plane isn't acting like a 3d object; it's just spinning in a three dimensional space. Like granpa was saying, the force lines aren't real. I can't quite remember, but I think the magnetic field isn't a physical field--i'm not sure though.
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