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    [rant]So after passing the test and interview I finally got the job. Wow! I had to compete with so many people.(well I even didn't try but anyway I passed the test) But now they asked me to quit the job since my cousin is also working there and that's against their silly rules.(be sure he didn't help me in getting the job)
    They knew that from the 1st minute but they just pretend not to know that since I'd got the top score and as they admited later I was great at interview. They just had to bring that silly relationship in attention since 1 of the fellow workers've found that we are relative.
    I really don't like the job and decided to resign so many times but I just didn't do that since I had to wait for 1 more year.(I have to pass an enterance if I want to continue my education but the test will be held in winter) Oh I just don't know whether to be happy or sad!:cry: :rofl: These days they are very busy at work and somehow I really don't want to be there but hey I also don't like being unemployed!:rolleyes:
    That was a shock anyway. I'm really worried about my future!
    I'm feeling like I always have to quit where I get used to. I mean just the moment I finally learn to cope with my new situation, I have to quit where I am or I lose what I have![/rant]:surprised

    I'm seriously thinking of death!:tongue2:
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    Do you report directly to your cousin? If not, there souldn't be an issue. In the US, there is no restriction on relatives working for the same company, it is frowned upon for one to report to another though.

    Is there a government agency in your country that regulates business? What your employer is trying to do may be illegal.
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    This silly rule is 1 ofthe self-made rules of this company. And you know that was the part of their contract we agreed with at 1st! Of course when I signed that I didn't know they mean any knid of relatives.
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