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Engineering In my particular case, is Aerospace Engineering good?

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    I'd like to know your opinions, all are wellcome but in particular the ones comming from engineers already in industry. I have to decide if I continue my current pathway in Civil and Structural Engineering or if I change to Aerospace (branch Aerostractures). The main thing is that I'm already 37 years old, I left uni before and I came back to study, and Im now in a Foundation Year in Uk.

    If you are going to ask me if I'm genuinely interested in the field of aerospace engineering, if it's what I mainly download and search, etc, the answer is YES. However I like the classic aerospace and most jobs out there ask for avionics, and systems and control.. so mainly to work in electronics.

    I have serious concerns if it's going to be too difficult to find a job at the age I graduate. All opinions are wellcome.
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    Hi All, Please feel free to suggest me anything. I wont start making question after question becouse I know you probably answered posts like this many times :-)
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