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In severe need of advice for learning Algebra 2

  1. Aug 13, 2015 #1
    My situation is that I'm 17, and graduated high school early due to the CHSPE test. The only math I have any real knowledge of is algebra 1, since I forgot geometry and barely got into algebra 2 before I graduated. No books have worked, Gelfand's Algebra frustrated me exceptionally because it was too complicated, Practical Algebra:A Self Teaching Guide was too complicated, No Bull**** Guide To Math And Physics was too complicated, Khan Academy is too broad and keeps bombarding me with stuff from below algebra 1 for some reason. I desperately want to be an astronautical engineer. Are there any other options for self study, will I have to waste some semesters with college classes for basic math? I've gotten an excellent knowledge, memorization and problem solving ability of every other science I've tried to learn, math is the only exception and it's holding me back from more intimately learning everything else.
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    I advice you to go through the internet. Go search in Google and find the most simplified explanation in Algebra 2. I also recommend you to practice problem solving so you could apply what you have learned. Don't rush studying the lessons. Take it one by one. If you already understood the lesson, go to the next lesson. If you have questions, feel free to ask questions to PF. Those are only suggestions so yeah...
    Good luck.

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    Congratulations Czig, and welcome to PF :smile: !

    Go easy on yourself, don't worry too much in advance. Get in touch with one or more of the institutes you are aiming for and seek advice there ! They are fond of students like you and will go out of their way to help.
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    @BvU I'll be having a career counselor meeting soon, I'll ask them about it then.

    @Zephyr007 I can't think of any suitable response other than that I've acknowledged your post and will make a plan on how to use this advice.
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    Nah... Its ok :) Go ahead and study.
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    I suggest that you look at the web sites of some universities where you might end up going, and find out whether they will let you into their freshman calculus course based on a placement test for algebra and trig, or require that you have taken courses there, or in high school or community college. They're probably not going to simply accept your word that you studied that stuff sufficiently on your own.
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    Get one or two old, good textbooks on Algebra 1, and study everything yourself as review. This may take 3 or 4 months. Get one or two old, good Intermediate Algebra books/textbooks, and try to study this yourself for maybe 3 or 4 months. You should study 2 hours approximately everyday, which should be between 12 and 14 hours per week; more if you feel like it. EVERYDAY!!!

    Now, begin begin going to school at a community college; you might want to start your mathematics course work with Intermediate Algebra and earn credit while getting better at it.
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