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Increasing size of front tyre.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm involved in the mining industry, and been given a project based on the towing tractors used underground.
    These tractors often have to work in ridiculous conditions, and my project is to investigate how to prevent these tractors from getting stuck in the sections, specifically looking at how increasing the size of the front tyre would effect the tractors and if that would resolve the issue. Obviously if this is not an option, any other suggestions would help.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Not sure how we can help but if you explain your problem in more detail.

    Is this for a school project? If so what level of schooling?

    What causes the vehicle to get stuck? a tire blows out? or it loses traction?motor stalls?

    Why would the size of a tire matter in this case?
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    If the vehicles are operating in soft ground like sand or mud, then wider and taller tires will tend to get stuck less. If conditions are reallly bad, tank treads may be a better option than tires.
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    True, but also far more difficult and expensive to both construct and maintain. A really good lugged tread design can bridge the gap.
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    Well it's a project for my Vacation work. So it's of the level of a corporate company.

    The tractors themselves get stuck in the sections where it is often very muddy, and tall obstacles of loss ground (coal).
    They get stuck in the mud, and loss traction causing the front tyres to spin.

    Something to note is these tractors are continuously pulling heavy loads, such as scissor trails and stone dusters.

    My project specifically aims at investigating whether increasing the size of the front tyre would help,
    but I'm essentially I'm looking and any and every option to resolve this issue.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Many military trucks have the ability to increase or decrease tire pressure to adapt to the conditions of terrain.
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