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Increasing the amount of volts would have an effect

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    If anyone know's something about electromagnets. I was wondering if you could either explane to me, or show me where I could find some information about whether or not icreasing the amount of volt's would have an effect on how strong the electromagnet would be. That would be great!
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    Do you mean the amount of volt used to generate the current that will be responsible for the polarizing magnetic field?
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    I think there's a limit to the amount of magnetization you can induce in a ferromagnet. If you get all the spins to point in the same direction you get maximum magnetization.
    In general, ferromagnets behave in a very complicated way. Moreover, I don't even think there's a rigorous physical explanation for how they work. However, you might try using empiric data (hysteresis curves) to calculate the maximum voltage you need.
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    He's talking about an electromagnet though.
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    Increasing current would probably increase the magnetic field
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    Meir Achuz

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    Electromagnets usually have a ferromagnetic core.
    They are usually designed so that the current in the coils will achieve saturation for the core. Increasing the voltage (and hence the current) toward the saturation value will increase the strength. But any voltage increase beyond that would have little effect.
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    Thanks everyone for your help, and explanation. I will be shure to use the information you have given me.
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