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Indian parents scale new heights to help kids cheat

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    This is common in a few middle eastern countries as well. Where I come from, parents drive around schools with megaphones, assisting their kids during exams, with no legal repercussions. This is never reported, though.
    Sadly, in some third world countries, a lot of parents do go to great lengths for good grades, missing the whole point of exams and education.
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    Not as subtle as what goes on in this country, perhaps, but, sadly, very believable.
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    There are bigger problems with the Indian educational system than cheating. For example, the subject "geography" in class 10 partly consists of the memorization of the temperatures and type of soil conditions which are appropriate for the growth of around a hundred plants. (I have cheated in such tests too, #YOLO)

    To be fair, the syllabus for subjects like mathematics and physics are pretty good.
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    I'm an Indian. Cheating is very common in such states (like Bihar). In India, there are some states which are underdeveloped. The students would do anything to pass the exams . Also, the people in Bihar behave very badly. Its not a safe place (especially for women). (But there are good people from Bihar as well like my physics teacher. He motivated me to work hard).
    But at least children in india dont carry pistols with them. below is a list of shootings that take place in American school. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this
    .Every country is bad in some way.
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    It's a lot simpler (not to mention safer!) if instead of allowing the cheating, the teachers just do the cheating for the students:
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    This is also common in India. The teachers replace the actual answer sheet with their answer sheets.
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    No kidding? I didn't realise this kind of cheating was so common :/
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    In reality, you probably shouldn't...

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    Reminds me of a time in which a friend of mine cheated in Geography in middle school and the teacher nearly killed him. She was raging so hard and hysterical over him cheating. She sent him to hell and everything. She was like: "IF I GO TO YOUR SIT AND YOU ARE CHEATING YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE IT! LIFT YOUR BACKPACK THIS INSTANT AND SHOW ME WHAT'S BELOW!" Meanwhile everyone was trying really hard to contain their laugh. After getting kicked out of the classroom on the exam he became the laughing point of the class for a whole week. For a few days she didn't accept him in the class and he came to me to copy the material that was discussed. She was really mad (her face all red and everything), other teachers had to intervene in the following days to calm her down.

    I'll never forget the whole drama. :rolleyes:
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    It's a very poor eyesight.
    It happened at my high school and I'm sure it still happens everywhere. Old leaked standard exams everywhere. Not that I needed them anyway. (I hope I don't sound arrogant here, I really didn't need them)
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    in my old school, a girl was caught helping her friend and she was scolded by the school principal and the teachers. she went home and set herself on fire.
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    common... but does not happen in every part of my country.
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    The parents scaling the walls of the school is quite alarming. The superintendent must be blind.
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    This is really unbelievable.well I am from India as well but never saw cheating this much.
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    Well this is reason why most people in India are unemployed.
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    India is a huge country and I would imagine that practices and what is acceptable vary greatly from one region to another, this is by no means indicative of the entire country/
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    Yep India is huge country.but believe me people in India are very narrow minded.I hate this the most
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