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Induction Cooking, skin effect, hysteresis losses

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    I've been looking into the induction heating a bit lately and have come up with a few questions.

    One is in regards to hysteresis losses. I know what hysteresis is and how it contributes to the heat generation, but how much of an effect does it actually have? Some articles I've read have said that it is the main source of heat generation while others have said it accounts for less than 10% of the heat used in the induction cooking process.

    My second question is in regards to skin effect. I understand that skin effect relates to the heat produced by eddy currents, and that you want a small skin effect Also, skin effect is a function of permeability, frequency, and conductivity. Aluminum has a lower permeability than ferromagnetic materials, so if one were to increase the operating frequency to account for the lower permeability of aluminum, would it be possible to generate a large amount of heat in aluminum cookware?
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