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Inert Effect for Lead

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    In an experiment a test tube consisted of 2 layers. Bottom one was organic (chloroform) and top was KI (potassium iodide) . We added Pb02 to it and was told that it was not going to be soluble. Then we were supposed to observe the organic layer for something to happen. (Hint: The color of organic layer should indicate identity of one of products. Recall I2 is purple).

    Im not sure how I2 would appear if Pb02 wasnt soluble. I did observe the Pb02 sunk to bottom of test tube and diffused into organic layer, but it didn't dissolve. So how would Iodine appear?. and what does this have to do with the stability of Pb(IV)
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    As long as PbO2 was in contact with water solution it could react with it, even if the contact was brief.

    Have you observed any color changes? Have others observed them?
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