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Information! What is it really?

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    Okay So I hear there is this thing out there called Information, have you heard about it? I wouldn't doubt that you have, I mean you, the surroundings, the landscapes all need inform... erm, are Information in some form or another, yet it doesn't have definite shape, somewhat like energy. I am curious that, if possible, state that information begets information at infinitum. If so, why is there only information in this world. Oh my, so many questions!! I think there should be a philosophy forum related to this Forum (haha...), so please don't mark this as spam I think this is a good General Discussion Topic! So, please share your thoughts on what Information really is and what it can be!
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    It's knowledge, but it can be true or false. Reliable or unreliable. It can be junk, garbage, that's mostly the kind you find on the internet. In other words, you need to be educated enough to be able to sort the wheat from the chaf.
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