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Infrared Remote Control Watch Used to Unlock Your Car?

  1. Aug 29, 2011 #1

    I have purchased a Casio CMD-40B watch. It functions as a remote control for your TV and Cable boxes. How it works is, you look up the specific TV's "code", tell it to the watch, and your watch now acts as the TV's remote control.

    Here is the Watch Manual

    My question is, could this watch somehow be used to lock/unlock your car's doors using your cars electronic door popper frequency? Seems like a fun project.

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    It looks like that watch is for infrared devices. Car door remotes use radio signals. So it won't work for that.
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    Hello. I used to have one of these and can confirm it did work on my friends car about 10-15 years ago. Using the learn function we successfully broke into my friends car one morning at collage.

    I cant remember the type of car he had, and other cars (which used infrared) that we tried didn't work.

    You need to be within about 3 meters of the original infrared beam to learn it. You can have loads fun changing the channel in pub's, bars and private residences as you walk past. Turning up the volume on stereo's in shops. And stopping the videos in your class.

    The ├žodes it uses arn't limited to the manufacturer. So you may find the Sony (or other) code will work on different branded devices.

    Those watches are great!
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    I hadn't realized they made infrared car door controls. Googling it seems to indicate a large majority of modern cars use radio, though.
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    Yeah it was quite a while ago when we did it.
    I don't really know, but i imagine radio is more secure as you can encrypt or modulate the signal (or something like that :confused:). Don't if that's possible with infrared. I wouldn't be surprised if all modern systems use radio.
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