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Homework Help: Initial velocity of a ram headbutting a castle

  1. Sep 14, 2010 #1
    Problem: Starting co-ordinates S 45° 50.061 E 170° 27.079

    A catapult stationed at the above coordinates will hit the castle, if it shoots at maximum range (X meters) at 48ºtrue. Assume equal initial and final elevation for the projectile’s trajectory, and the projectile’s initial velocity is V.

    A ram beginning its run with 855m head-start and the same initial velocity V but slowed down by scrub (coefficient of dynamic friction m=5) will also come to a halt exactly at GZ. The ram is not propelled by any external force, and is bound to a horizontal surface.

    Relevant equations and solution attempt: Sorry, I just don't know. This isn't a learning institution-related question so I don't have anybody to turn to for help. Am trying to solve as part of a geocaching problem. Tried taking a crash course in physics online but still can't figure out how I proceed.
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