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Chemistry Recommendation for Chemistry textbooks

  1. Jan 3, 2015 #1
    I want a good book on Physical Chemistry at 11-12(university or pre-un) grade level. It should include topics about bonding(VSEPR, VBT, MO) etc.

    I also need suggestions about some books on organic and inorganic chemistry.
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    Thanks. Is JD Lee for inorganic or physical? Because bonding is under physical I think.
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    Chemical Bonding comes under Physical Chemistry in the syllabus of most engineering enterance exams . But its the core foundation of inorganic chemistry . JDLee is for inorganic . Are you preparing for the JEE ?
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    I understand the idea of the first 8 chapters of Lee (except chapter 7), but what is going on with the rest of the chapters? Is it a laundry list of facts you have to memorize for elements of the periodic table? What is the point? Is it for industry or something like that? I mean QM is about building a theoretical framework then solving problems and working out the consequences of those solutions and stuff, what's going on here?
  7. Jan 6, 2015 #6
    Not exactly. I want to give it but this is not for preparation. This is because I wish to understand physical chemistry well.
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