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Inrush in Transformer at no load

  1. Aug 9, 2013 #1
    I am trying to simulate the inrush current in a transformer when it is at no load, using the software Powerfactory.

    I get the Magnetization current, and it is what I was expecting.
    But I get confused when I draw the phase current, because as the trafo is at no load... should not be the same the magnetization current and the phase current?

    How is possible that the phase current is smaller than the magnetization current?
    I don´t understand that.

    Someone can help?

    Thanks everyone

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    The picture is the simulation of the normal operation with no load.
    That is not really the inrush current becouse there is no connection event.
    The thing is that I don´t understand what exactly is the difference between the magnetization current and the phase current.
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