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Insert image test

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    dear all, why can not inert images ?
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    I think it is because the link does not have a file extension on the end that indicates an image: .jpg or .png or .gif or similar. The link does display an image when I paste it into the address bar of my browser, so this problem is caused by the forum software.
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    thanks. So how should I do if I want to post images ?
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    That's a weird link. You should paste a link with a file extension at the end. Like: www.example.com/file.jpg [Broken]
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    Try this: First, attach your image to your post (I've attached this one as a file below). It should appear in a block titled "Attached Thumbnails".

    Next, "Preview" your post. You may need to add a few words to see the preview. You should see the Attached Thumbnails at the bottom of your post.

    Once you have the Preview open, open the attached file in a separate window. Then, copy the web address of this separate window with your picture and insert it into your post using the "Insert Image" button. Click on the Insert Image button and paste the web address into the window that pops up. This post is an example of that.


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    You don't have to go to preview, once you upload the file it is on the list in the upload window, and you can get the link from there (using right click and copy link address command, or whatever equivalent it has in your browser).

    Still the same idea, just less operations.
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    A consideration must also be made on the SIZE of the image. Too big, and it will mess up the PF page formatting, as illustrated already.

    A safe size is a width of around 800 pixels.

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    very clever idea ! Thank you, all friends !
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