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News Inside the New York Fed

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    When Carmen Segarra did her work the way she is legally required to do so, she faced intimidation then ultimately termination.

    Inside the New York Fed: Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash

    A confidential report and a fired examiner’s hidden recorder penetrate the cloistered world of Wall Street’s top regulator—and its history of deference to banks.

    http://podcast.thisamericanlife.org/podcast/536.mp3 [Broken]

    Just wow!
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    Even more troubling is the IRS' deference at doing the political bidding of the Obama Administration against private citizens and political organizations not aligned with the Democratic Party. (see Lois Lerner, she of the mysteriously crashing hard drive, lost e-mails, etc.)
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    I agree with SteamKing; there is a pattern of picking and choosing which laws to follow and who they will be enforced against by this administration. I am amazed that the media doesn't get its teeth into this.
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    Wow that was a quick hijacking of the OP. No Press ? Fox News has been all over this like flies on poo.
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    Well, you have Fox News, and then you have ABCCBSNBCMSNBC, which have all provided cover to the administration/looked the other way for some time. You definitely do not see the same adversarial posture which the major media outlets took with the administration of G.W. Bush. Even after it was revealed the Administration was secretly collecting the records of the cell phone calls of various AP reporters, there was a brief flurry of notice and then ... deafening silence, especially since this disclosure occurred in a presidential election year (2012).
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    More troubling?? Nothing could be more troubling that the fact that the fed covered for the bankers during and after the financial collapse. The Fed tapes were released in Sept., but they are coming back again big time. As for the IRS deal,,,get over it. How many hearings have we had now?

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    Parts of that may be true but it could have never crashed the economy. Oranges and apples.
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    We need to reduce the regulatory burden for small businesses and do a better job of enforcing regulations for large ones. I hate to be a pessimist, but I am extremely doubtful that this problem is limited to the fed.

    Edit: ABC, CBS, and NBC are mysteriously silent on the issue. The Huffington Post had a link to the story a little ways down on their front page. Fox News had it, but I didn't see it on their home page. It was on CNN, but you had to go looking for it.
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    IMO, not nearly enough.

    The whole of the administration has been busy pointing out squirrels, here and there, to distract the media, and where is the investigation by the DOJ or the Inspector General for the US Treasury? Lois Lerner has lawyered up and taken the Fifth, and the IRS Commissioner is busy doing damage control.
    The Commissioner was recently quoted, in testimony before Congress, that agency hard drives continue to crash. It's like, "Dang! There goes another one," has become business as usual at the IRS, which is now not only charged with administering the federal tax code, but also has enforcement and administrative functions relating to the implementing of the Affordable Care Act.

    By and large, the IRS has been charged with investigating groups aligned with the political right. What would happen, in some future administration, should the pendulum swing in the other direction, and groups from the political left are harassed by the IRS on orders from the administration? Faster than you could say "chilling effect on free speech" or "Richard M. Nixon", there would be a tremendous hue and cry raised up.

    I'm sorry, I understand that a system of taxation is necessary to run a government, but when the administrators of that system take sides politically, everyone's freedom to dissent or to form political associations to make their views known to the government is put at risk, which is unacceptable in a free society.
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    So perhaps you should start a thread on the IRS scandal and not hijack this one. I realize that a lot of people are frustrated about the IRS. Yet in comparison to the OP it is still oranges and apples, just more oranges and apples.
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