Installing Java Editors J2K/J2SDK?

  1. Umm...I've tried two java editors on my computer and I'm getting the same installation "error" (not really an error, but whatever). I tried Sun's SunOne Studio and it asked me for the "J2SDK home"...saying that I didn't have one and I needed one in order to solve the files. Likewise, when I attempted to install BLueJ it said a "...JDK/J2SDK must be installed to run BlueJ..."

    How do I install this thing?
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  4. yep, Eclipse rulz. and is faster than SunOne....
  5. I downloaded it. It seems better. I'm not that familiar with java in general yet. When I use java in the computer lab they have use SunOne and I've been using 'empty classes' so do I make those in Eclipse?

    I'm assuming the: J2EE(TM) SDK 1.4 Developer Release

    If so...once I download this, what 'Installation Directory" do I put it in? The default one already in the textbox is C:\Sun\ this right?
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    whatever the default is fine.
  7. ARG. Me =

    Where do I put the Version 7.x Installation Directory?
  8. Thanks a lot. I finally got them all to work.
  9. hey, any friend of Java is a friend of mine
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