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Insurance is a subject mater of solicitation

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    All insurance ads have this line "Insurance is a subject mater of solicitation".
    What do they mean?
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    Insurance claims may be adjudicated by solicitors, at a wild guess. Legal jargon for if the crap hits the fan we reserve the right to take up legal advice in processing a claim perhaps?
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    The Feds makes them put it on there ads, to make it clear that it is a ad. Because we are really dumb.
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    That's demeaning :rofl: if your too stupid to realise it's an advert then your too stupid to buy insurance anyway. :smile:
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    I Googled on the phrase, and it is peculiar to the Indian insurance market. Apparently, Indian regulators require this disclaimer.
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    It's like the small print in loan adverts over here your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on loans secured on it or whatever it says-- just in case you thought you were getting money for free!
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