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Homework Help: Integral of (sin (x))^1/2)(cos^3(x)) dx

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    Not really sure where to begin on this integral. Hope this reads alright on here.

    Integral of (sin (x))^1/2)(cos^3(x)) dx
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    [tex] \int {\sqrt{sin(x)}} cos(x)^3 dx [/tex]

    Convert this into

    [tex] \int {\sqrt{sin(x)}}cos^2(x)cos(x) [/tex].

    From your identities in trignometry

    [tex] cos^2(x) = 1 - sin^2(x) [/tex].

    This will leave you with all sine terms and one cosine term once you rewrite cosine squared. Do you see what to do from here?
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    That was very helpful, thank you. Could I also get help with this one pls? :) I just seem to have a hard time figuring out where to start on these.

    The integral of (sin(ln x))/x dx
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    Use a substitution letting u = ln x.
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